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MBO courses for adults

In September 2020, we will be starting with the Service Provision MBO1 and MBO2 courses. If there is enough interest we will also start run the Administration MBO1 and MBO2 courses.
These courses are offered and paid for by De Meevaart and provided by teachers from the ROC. In addition, we will grant an internship.

Furthermore, De Meevaart offers volunteers and students the opportunity to participate in various training courses in the field of language support, presentation skills, computer skills, hospitality, social hygiene, evacuation exercises and BHV (Health and Safety) courses.

Services MBO2
The course lasts for 2 years, starting in September 2020 and finishing in June 2022. It is a BBL course. You will follow the lessons and the first year of your internship at De Meevaart. In the second year, you will have a choice of helping in either Care and Welfare, or Facility Services, where you will be able to do an external internship, giving you a broader work experience.

Information and intake
On 8, 9 and 10 June 2020 there will be an information and intake for the Service Provision course. Please contact for more information and an invitation to the information and intake sessions.

Please contact us via  our contact person: Teacher Adrijana Grgic, reachable via and 020-331 91 31, reachable Monday through Thursday.


The new training flyer is available and will be distributed in the Indische Buurt and the Architectenbuurt. If you haven’t had the flyer in your mailbox yet, check it out here.

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