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Dear Neighbour,

We have been delivering meals to vulnerable neighbours for three weeks now and delivered more than 7,411 meals! We are very grateful for your support! We would love to share some great stories from the neighbourhood with you:

– A thank you from a neighbour in the Eltheto: “I felt like a princess with such a luxurious meal. That goat’s cheese was such a good quality. I never buy ingredients as expensive as that.”
– The story that one of our volunteers told about his neighbour David: “David is very happy with the meal. He was indoors sick the past few weeks. Luckily it wasn’t Corona, but he had severe back pain which made cooking very difficult. He is very happy that the meal initiative is there. He always comes to the Javastraat with great pleasure, but that is not possible anymore. Eltheto misses him too. This way, it’s nice to be able to keep in touch, and to provide David with a meal”.

Together we really make a difference, neighbours for each other ❤️

We have enough funding to last us another week. Since the lockdown has been extended until at least May 20th we would like to continue to help people. Therefore we would like to ask you to donate again if you can miss it. Please also share the fundraiser in your network, the more people we can reach the better.

A lot of gratitude, love and solidarity on behalf of all the volunteers, the community centres, Fonds van Oost, 3WO and Samen Vooruit.

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