Indische BuurtBalie

What is the Indische BuurtBalie?

The Indische BuurtBalie is an online neighbourhood platform, accessible via You can find information on activities in the Indische Buurt on the website . These activities are posted by organisations and individuals who have something to offer the neighborhood.

How does the Indische BuurtBalie work?

Every organisation or resident can create a profile and become a member of the Indische Buurtbalie, and every member can publish on the platform. This can be an activity, or you can register an organisation or project, spread a message, make a wish or even place something in the category supply and demand. The latter can be about products, but can also be about activities.

Neighbourhood diary and network

The BuurtBalie maps out who is active in the Indische Buurt. Visitors to the can consult member’s profiles to see what an organisation or person is doing and what their background is.

All members can indicate which address and contact details are visible to whom. Even without a profile you can see what activities are available, and which persons and organisations are active in the Indische Buurt. More than 1300 residents and more than 400 organisations have already created a profile. There are almost 100 locations where activities take place or where services are offered.

Indispensable tool

In short, the Indische Buurtbalie platform is the ideal way to get acquainted with the Indische Buurt, to be informed about all activities that take place in the neighborhood, to read the latest news and to see which persons and organisations are active in the Indische Buurt. For anyone who wants to make optimal use of all that the Indische Buurt has to offer, is an indispensable tool.

De Meevaart and the Indische BuurtBalie

De Meevaart does not organise any activities itself. The users themselves put the activities on the neighbourhood agenda. Take a look at their offers on or at the activities on this website.