Indische Buurt Tafel

Join us and share your idea for the Indische Buurt.

Do you want cooperate in making our neighborhood even more beautiful? Then join us at the Indische Buurt Tafel! The aim is to collect as many ideas and wishes as possible for the Indische Buurt. We invite everyone with an idea for the neighborhood to make this known and to discuss it with their neighbours. The Indische Buurt Tafel is available in both physical and digital form. You are welcome to join both.

The first step towards an Indische Buurt Tafel was taken during the Indische Buurt Festival in June, when we collected and bundled ideas from local residents and displayed them as beautiful neighbourhood mosaics on the website. In addition, the Neighbourhood Wishes were offered to the local council in Oost.

Now it is time for the next step: putting people and ideas together at the table.

Reserve your spot here now! Or scan the QR code below.

The initiators are Indische BuurtBalie, De Meevaart, Harmonica en Samen Vooruit.