Buurtspreekuur Oost

Do you have a question for us? Are you stuck with something or need more information?

Do you want help with your finances, or working out an idea for the neighborhood? Do you want to know what there is to do in the neighborhood? Help with upbringing, or more information about De Meevaart or reserve some space?

Every Wednesday between 11.00 and 13.00 hours there are several professionals waiting for you in De Meevaart. It is free and everyone is welcome!

The Buurtspreekuur Oost is a collaboration between: Civic Amsterdam, Het Profi-leerbureau, GGZ coaches van Roads in Oost, OKT | Ouder- en Kindteams Amsterdam, Wijkkunde, Samen Vooruit | IB Kansrijker, Indische BuurtBalie and Stichting Meevaart.

Come along and get help right away, we’re ready for you!

Civic Amsterdam
Civic Amsterdam is there for you. We help people with money problems and debts in Amsterdam East. For the Indische Buurt and the Oostelijk Havengebied we also help people with personal problems. These can be problems with a relationship, work, or for example, bringing up children. We also offer activities, workshops and courses. With us, you get to know new people, learn new things, develop your talents, do volunteer work and much more.

Het Profi-leerbureau
The Profi-learning agency supports residents from Amsterdam East in setting up or further professionalising resident activities and initiatives. The Profi-learning agency provides advice on subsidy applications and accountability, fundraising, (setting up) project plans and budgets, e-recognition, and the recruitment of volunteers or board members.

GGZ coaches van Roads in Oost
We are the point of contact in the neighbourhood for guiding residents to the right care and support. We help to find and improve the connection between specialist treatment teams, community care, welfare activities and basic services by working directly solution-oriented way. Roads offers all kinds of activities, in which the GGZ coach will set you in the right direction.

– Can you help me broaden my network?
– My brother suffers from fears, what can I do for him?
– I live with an addiction, but I don’t want to anymore.
– I want to go back to work, but I can’t do this alone.

We can help you with questions like this. You’re welcome, we’re here for you! Harrison Pedro and Nicole van den Broek are both GGZ coaches in Amsterdam Oost.

Ouder- en Kindteams Amsterdam
Here in Amsterdam, parents can contact a Parents’ and Children’s team in the neighbourhood with all their questions about their child and the family. Small questions or big problems, we are there to think with you and find solutions.

Our vision:
That children and young people in Amsterdam grow up healthy and safe, and develop into resilient adults who can face the future with confidence.

Our mission:
We help children and young people to grow up healthy and safe and to develop themselves optimally. We do this together with them, their parents, and the environment around them. We do what is necessary to achieve this, so that children, adolescents and their parents keep a grip on their lives. We strive for equal opportunities for all children and young people. We therefore make extra efforts for those neighbourhoods and families that need support or youth support the most.

Our core values: Accessible, connect, and strengthen.

Wijkkunde is the neighbourhood network in which knowledge, skills and experience of local residents and professionals are deployed to help you with your initiative! Do you have an idea for the Indische Buurt, but are stuck? Do you want to organize something for the neighbourhood, but don’t know how to start? Are you an initiator, but don’t know who to ask? In short, do you have a question for the neighbourhood, but you can’t find an answer: Come to Wijkkunde.

Samen Vooruit | Indische Buurt Kansrijker
Indische Buurt Kansrijker is a network of people and organisations that work together to combat poverty in the Indische Buurt. We do this in different ways, for example by providing information, directly offering help to people with problems, and a small bursary. In addition, we promote cooperation between formal and informal aid workers. We also develop and offer training, education, internships, and work experience placements for people who want to seize the opportunity to help themselves and others move forward. During the Buurtspreekuur Oost there is a confidential advisor who can help and support you with many difficulties.

Indische BuurtBalie
The Indische BuurtBalie is an online neighborhood platform, accessible via www.indischebuurtbalie.nl. On the website you can find information about activities in the Indische Buurt. These activities are posted by organizations and individuals who have something to offer for the neighborhood. In addition, the Indische Buurt Desk provides information about this offer during ‘Bakkie on the Square’, in the BuurtBalie Bulletin and with the BuurtBalie tickets, we are also present at various neighborhood events.
Do you want to know what’s going on in the Indische Buurt? Are you organizing something in the neighborhood? Do you have a question for us, or do you want to offer something? Come along to Buurtspreekuur Oost. Here you can ask your questions about activities in the neighborhood, or about the use of the website.

De Meevaart Foundation
In De Meevaart, participating, meeting each other, learning, further developing yourself and putting your ideas into practice are central to what we do. The Meevaart Foundation manages important properties in the Indische Buurt for residents, gives residents’ initiatives a chance, offers work experience and education, and wants to strengthen the local economy.

Do you want to organize something in De Meevaart? Do you want to become a volunteer? Would you like to rent a space? Would you like to know more about  education, or enquire about your reservation? Come along!

You are welcome every Wednesday between 11.00 and 13.00 hours at De Meevaart. You can come in without an appointment and coffee and tea are ready. If we can’t help you enough ourselves we will always try to refer you to someone who can help!